Rosie Restart Party at DIY Space For London

Hosted by Group avatar Rosie the Restarter (for women & non-binary people)

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12 kg

waste prevented

77 kg

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Volunteers at a Restart Party fixing devices, cropped on hands


*If you identify as a man, this event is not for you! There are plenty of others for you*

Hurray! A Restart Party just for women and non-binary people!

Restart Parties are learning events where volunteers help people fix their own electronics.

We are building on our Rosie the Restarter basic electronics skillshare which will have given the participants a broad range of essential skills for fixing. Now we’re going to get struck into doing some repairs.

This is your chance to bring along a broken electronic device (from troublesome toasters to problematic phones) and help us diagnose and repair faults with your own and other peoples appliances.

None of us are repair professionals, you don’t have to be an expert to learn and contribute. We will share our knowledge with each other and learn by doing.

Please read the do’s and don’ts at the bottom of this page.


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DIY Space for London, 96-108 Ormside St, London, SE15 1TF, gb

About the group

Group avatar

Rosie the Restarter (for women & non-binary people)

[If you identify as a man, please do not join this group.]

We organise skillshares run for/by women and non-binary people. They create a space to share, boost confidence and get technical together.

We want to bring gender diversity to our London Restart Parties and empower women and non-binary people to get stuck in repairing.

We believe everyone should have the right to repair. We believe everyone should have the capacity to take full ownership of their devices.

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20 kg

waste prevented

104 kg

CO2 emission prevented