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Volunteers at a Restart Party fixing devices, cropped on hands


Our next Restart Party is on Sunday 27 February, 12.30-3.30 pm.

Bring along any broken electronic or electrical items, and a wonderful team of volunteers will attempt to fix them, sharing their knowledge with you along the way. We’ll also keep track of how much carbon we save by mending the objects, rather than putting them in landfill.

Free event - with tea and coffee and snacks all along the way.

If you are knowledgeable in electrical and electronics repairs and would like to volunteer your time and skill to our repair cafe event, please RSVP to the event!

In our last events, we have looked at 33 devices and fixed a good number of them. We have saved 44 kg of waste going to landfill and 444 kg of CO2 emissions from being released. These are handsome numbers, but we’d love to see them grow with more fixed, repaired things.

Restart Party Do’s and Don’ts


* Check if your device is still within warranty, you may be eligible for a free repair, replacement, or refund. (Which? helps in the UK).

* Take responsibility for your device and your data. Our volunteers are here to help you learn to fix your gadget, not to provide a free repair service. Get involved!

* Backup your data. We can’t be responsible for your cat pics, so please back up your device before you come. (Of course, you already do this once a month, right?)

* Charge up your device and bring all leads.

* Get in touch with organisers if you have any questions about whether a fix is possible.


* Assume repairs will be successful. We help fix over half of the devices at our events. Even if your repair is unsuccessful, you will learn about your device and why it failed.

* Expect us to have spare parts. But we can help you source them. Often people visit twice: first we’ll help diagnose the fault, then you source the spare part, and on your return, we’ll help you do a replacement.

* Attempt a mobile screen repair just to save money. DIY mobile screen repair is a learning opportunity first and foremost. Please see our advice page first.

* Bring a microwave.


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St Georges Church, Crayford Road, London, UK

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St George's Tufnell Park Restarters

We are a quarterly Restarters group based in the spacious minimalist church of St George's Tufnell Park.

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