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With ten years' experience at the grassroots collecting data and reviewing policy, we are experts in reducing electronic waste and super-charging the local repair economy. We can help your company, local or regional authority.

Strategising to reduce waste, boost reuse and repair

We helped ReLondon (formerly LWARB) map out how to become a leading city in reducing electronic waste and boosting jobs in repair and reuse. And together with partners, we also conducted a piece of research for Nominet on strategy for boosting computer reuse through grassroots efforts. We're particularly interested in helping to divert repairable electronic and electrical products from waste and help those in greatest need.

Our report for ReLondon (formerly LWARB)

Man with multimeter
"We combined forces to help meet the needs of community groups... not only mapping what was achieved by so many committed groups but suggesting what social infrastructure is needed to build on this in the future."
Chris Ashworth, Head of Social Impact, Nominet

Helping the local repair economy

We worked with waste authorities across London for the past five years to map and promote reliable local repair businesses. We've created a Repair Directory which they can embed in their websites. Subsequently, we helped Resource Efficiency Wales create their own Repair Directory for the whole of Wales. We can advise on strategy, planning and implementing a directory to super-charge repair.

Visit the Welsh Repair Directory

Welsh Repair Directory on numerous devices
“This is a game changer – the Repair Directory provides a basis for promotion of inherent behaviour change, driving repair and extending the useable life of products that would otherwise be discarded – it may even save users a few pennies too!”
James Kay, Regional Waste Coordinator Resource Efficiency Wales

Growing community repair and quantifying impacts

Our software package "Restarters" is helping regional and national networks of community repair groups to communicate, announce events, and track their impact. The Fixometer is the engine behind our impact tracking, drawing on the most up-to-date and accurate carbon savings modelling available anywhere. We can create a bespoke log-in page for networks, and localise our software.

Learn more about our software

Restart's Fixometer: part of restarters.net
"Restarters has everything we need, from an ever-improving event and statistics management system, an active community forum, and a wiki. It's saved us a lot of time and allowed us to join a nice participatory community."
Jonathan Vigne, Repair Together (Belgian network of 220 Repair Cafés)

Inspiring action through talks and hands-on activity

We love to tell the story of the growing repair movement, and how it's changing the world. And we speak to diverse audiences. But we also love to help audiences get a taste of repair, and get hands-on. We use repair and explorations of our electronics as a way to reveal their environmental impacts, and talk about solutions.

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Restart volunteer fixing an Apple iPhone in 2019

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