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  1. I do so WISH that I’d known this event was happening, before I happened to spot a tweet on the Sustainable Hackney website on the day itself. I’ve always wanted to know more about how to keep my 40-odd year-old electric Singer sewing-machine going.
    Looking forward to reading the Restart Wiki notes on it soon, though.

    1. janetgunter

      Hi Diana, now that we have a number of Restarters who learned about sewing machines, you can bring yours to a Restart Party for help. We’ll post the wiki page here soon.

  2. Philip Le Riche

    Most of what we learned (as best as I could remember it) is now in our wiki at https://therestartproject.org/wiki/Sewing_machines – Jennie was indeed and excellent and highly knowledgeable teacher. She had my (probably 1950’s or 60’s) machine purring away like a kitten, and if she is to be believed, your 40 year old Singer could still be giving your grandchildren faithful service by the time you and they could have gone through any number of modern plastic machines!

    But do come to a Restart Party (with or without your machine) – they’re a lot of fun.

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