Laptop Repair Team sign up

Thank you for sharing your skills to help kids and people in need. We’ll be organising ourselves differently than we did in late 2020, to operate in a Covid-safe way. You will be able to repair laptops for Restart’s partner organisations from the comfort of your own home.

Here’s how it works:

  • The organisations will log any devices they need help with in a ticketing system.
  • We will allocate these devices to you, based on the skills you indicate below. Issues range from hard drive swaps to troubleshooting software issues, so there will be something suitable for you all.
  • To join this team, we ask you to commit to looking at one device per week. We know that some repairs take longer than others, that some devices will not be repairable, and that life might get in the way sometimes. That’s okay and we can work around that, but to make this project work we’ll need some commitment from you.
  • The devices will be delivered you by bike, following Covid precautions. If you fancy, you can pick up and distribute devices yourself (ideally by bike, or car, please avoid public transport).
  • Most devices will have data wiped from them. In the case they could not boot, we will help you follow the partner organisation’s data wiping protocol.
  • We will set a target of one month to attempt a repair for any given device. However this is not a race, and this is volunteer work, so just let us know if things are taking longer.
  • You’ll log information about the repairs you do in the ticketing system.
  • Restart will cover costs for spare parts or even order spare parts to your house. Please check in with us before making purchases and keep receipts.
  • Re safety: obviously batteries and power supplies are the most important things to take great care with. We are helping the partners perform PAT tests, but your visual inspections and attention to detail are crucial.
  • Once you’re done, use the ticketing system to let us know. Restart will arrange with you to pick up the laptop and soon it’ll make a difference in someone’s life.

Any questions left? Get in touch with Vanessa.

  • The basics

  • What times and weekdays are you generally free to receive device deliveries?
  • Please indicate which kinds of repairs you feel comfortable with:

  • Transport