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Celebrating our 10th birthday

Our first ever Restart Party

We can’t believe it either but today marks the 10 year anniversary of the first Restart Party! We’ve been doing plenty of reflecting recently on what we are proud of, what we want to change, and where to go next. We’ve proven, especially in recent years, that – along with our community – we know how to adapt to new challenges.

So much has happened over the last decade, and we’ve put together a video that celebrates some of our biggest moments so far. From our first party at a North London pub, to events at Somerset House and in Parliament and features on BBC news, we’ve been spreading the repair message far and wide.

What’s coming up in our next decade?

And it absolutely does not stop there. This year we launched Fixing Factories – one of the most exciting projects we’ve ever worked on. We hope that it will open up a new way to get the public interested in repair, and connect us with professional repairers and others the repair community in London (and maybe one day nationwide). We truly cannot wait to see where the next decade takes Restart and how our community continues to thrive, innovate, and push for change.

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  1. julia vernon

    I’d love to know more and get alerted to things going on in my area …
    I love to see tho ha fixed and not thrown away …

    1. Fiona Dear

      That’s possible! You can sign up on and identify what groups you’d like to hear about, then you’ll get a notification when there’s an upcoming event – or a new group near you. Enjoy!

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