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Funding drive ends today: show your support

ewaste growing appeal

We’re in fundraising mode, in the final push of our bi-annual campaign. A total of 20 donors have generously contributed £902.50 – but we are still far shy of our £1500 goal.

We are closing our appeal today, August 1, so don’t delay:

We will spend your hard-earned money to spread the repair revolution, in these ways:

  • start supporting design and technology teachers in partnership with innovative teacher-driven organisation Teach Design
  • build an easy-to-use tool to measure the amount of e-waste diverted at our community events, called Restart Parties. This will help groups across the globe tally their impact, and help us inspire new groups by revealing our increasing global impact

We joked yesterday:

eating ewaste

But there is something to this – our community events are entirely free and we defend the radical openness that this fosters. Yet our work does have a price! All donations, no matter the size, are very important as they represent a vote of confidence and an investment in our message and our work.

Please share this post and make your donations by the end of the day, Friday August 1.

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  1. janetgunter

    UPDATE: thanks the generosity of 37 donors, we exceeded our fundraising goal, bringing in £1632.50. Thank you to all for your ongoing support.

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