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Funding drive to power Restart in 2016

Last week of January Update: We’re still 43% from our funding goal. We REALLY need your help, now, to make it by January 31. And a huge thanks to all who’ve donated!

This year In 2015 we went from strength to strength. We

  • supported Restart Party hosts in new countries (Spain and Switzerland!)
  • started to work with educators on both sides of the Atlantic
  • launched our “Restart Code”
  • built a system to calculate our positive impact
  • created a radio show and podcast, and we made some videos!

The only catch is, we fell behind in our online fundraising. Last year, you generously gave £3,000. As we write this in December, we are at £210.

Please donate!

Your donations help keep our community events free for all, allowing them to reach people seeking employment and those on low incomes, as well as young people. And your donations help us help others to host their own free events, multiplying our reach.

The money you gave last year was an investment in us as a small organisation, and with it, we sold more paid events, and raised money from institutions to expand our outreach.

Please donate – this year, our extra-ambitious goal is the amount Facebook paid in taxes in the UK.

Together, we can do it, without Zuck’s tax-free billions!

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