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We cover 12 London boroughs with our Repair Directory. That’s about one third of the Greater London.

This means that in many parts of London, the map looks very empty. Now is the time to change that! We know there are many more brilliant repair businesses out there – and that you know some of them. We’re opening the map for your submissions – for you to suggest your favourite local business and help us expand the coverage of the Repair Directory.

Before we publish, we will verify that the business meets our criteria for reliability:

  • Have at least 10 online reviews, with a minimum average score of 4 out of 5 stars
  • Provide a physical address
  • Give warranties on their repairs

As soon as we have ten businesses in the pipeline, we will start adding them to the map. You can help us bring the map alive, and become a collaborative service for all Londoners.

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A change in direction

This marks an exciting new phase for the Repair Directory. Previously, we researched suitable businesses ourselves in specific parts of London. But this approach meant that many London boroughs were not yet mapped. Local residents didn’t have a way of using the app to find reliable repairers nearby, and businesses didn’t get the chance to introduce themselves.

Now we are counting on the help and expertise of our London community. By allowing everyone to suggest repair businesses, we will be able to start populating the map across the whole of London, and to make it more useful to everyone.

Our goal is to produce comprehensive and up-to-date listings covering all boroughs. For this to happen, we seek partnerships and financial support from waste authorities, local authorities and others across London. If your organisation can support this project, please get in touch.

Repair is essential

For years we have worked to strengthen our relationships with London’s professional repairers. They are a fundamental pillar in the repair ecosystem and a place where innovative, environmentally friendly services help people in need. These businesses have been even more essential over the past months where we all relied on technology even more than usual.

But the repair sector faced new challenges during lockdown, when in the UK it wasn’t considered “essential”. A lack of guidance meant that businesses had to navigate the pandemic with its new regulations by themselves. Many repairers persisted and implemented new and creative ways of working – providing an essential service to us all.

So with the Repair Directory we are hoping to give back to these businesses. And you can do the same! Find a local repairer to get help with your broken device or appliance. You will support a small business and give your products a new lease of life!

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