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Nesta meet you!

We were obviously happy to be chosen as semi-finalists in the Nesta Waste Reduction Challenge Prize. We are in the running for £10,000 to test out some of our best ideas in 2013, with a potential prize “jackpot” of £50,000.

But one immediate benefit of being shortlisted was spending Wednesday with some inspiring and friendly competition.

We met The Rubbish Diet blogger Karen Cannard, whose personal project to “slim her bin” has inspired thousands, and whose “1970s style laptop” was unforgettable!

We met the Brixton People’s Kitchen, with whom we are already conspiring to throw a Christmas Party Repair Feast. Also entirely coincidentally – there was some kind of karma – we were seated next to the Museum of Bad Design, a project inspired by an Italian project of the same name.

And to be expected, we had fun honing our pitch, drawing pacman storyboards

and thinking more about those people we aim to work with.

We’ll be submitting our final proposal to Nesta at the end of December, and hopefully we’ll have some good news to share in late January.

But no matter what happens, we already feel more connected and inspired by those we met in the waste prevention scene here in the UK.

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