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Announcing our new Co-Director Fiona Dear

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Over the summer we announced that one of our founder-Co-Directors was moving on from the role for personal reasons. We’re excited to announce that our rather tricky recruitment — it’s a nerve-wracking process in a small organisation — ended with a real treat.

Fiona Dear will be joining Restart in early 2022 as Co-Director, UK Strategy and Operations. She brings over a decade of campaigning experience on the climate with her, having helped The Climate Coalition campaign for climate ambition — and action — in the UK and at the last three big UN climate talks. Most recently, as Head of Campaigns, she led the development of the Great Big Green Week ahead of the COP26 climate summit that’s coming to Glasgow this November. She’s also a zero waste activist in her spare time in her community in North London.

It feels like a great fit for Restart. She’s looking forward to discovering the world of electronic repair – she won’t be the first to join us and hit the ground running on that. She shares

“I’m passionate about cutting waste. I spend my spare time upcycling and repairing, and I can’t pass a broken chair on the street without trying to rescue it – you could say it’s how I’m wired. I spent much of the last year helping develop a community group to reduce waste, and I’m excited to be starting a role, which brings together my campaigning experience and personal projects.

Public concern about the environment is at an all time high. In audience research on environmental issues, waste is one of the highest-ranking environmental concerns, so I’m looking forward to helping electronic repair get the attention it deserves.”

Looking forward to next year and beyond

As we look to 2022, our tenth anniversary, we’re super excited to welcome Fiona at a crucial time for waste and the Right to Repair in the UK. And we’ve also got some great news we’ll make public soon about our work in London, which Fiona will lead.

It’s a strange and difficult time for in-person events, and we may refrain from hosting our customary mid-winter party. We’ll explore ways that Fiona can meet the London community, and meet allies across the UK.

If you get the chance, please welcome her and take time to have a chat about the future.

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