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New UK petition for the real right to repair

If you love DIY repair, sign our petition

Today we launch a new petition to the UK government, BEIS and Defra ministers calling for real Right to Repair rules. The government claimed way too much credit in the media for doing what it was required to do. We know the score, and we are deeply committed to better.

The petition asks for three simple things.

  1. any “Right to Repair” measure includes everyone, including DIY-ers and repair cafes
  2. a commitment to keeping up with Europe or doing better — more products
  3. reduction on VAT for repairs

Sign the petition

(If you can’t see the button above, find the petition here.)

Why now?

Earlier this year, the UK government largely ignored calls by Parliament to address electronic waste through the Right to Repair. It’s showing very little commitment to longer-lasting products.

In recent weeks, a BBC Radio 4 series called Dare to Repair gave the issue great coverage. The show pointed out that even manufacturers would support lowering VAT on repairs.

If you’d like even more background, we wrote an explainer for you.

Calling all community repair groups and allies

We’re calling on allies, Repair Cafés, signers and endorsers of the Manchester Declaration to email this petition widely. It’s relevant to  consumer rights, market competition, taxation, job creation. But also the environment and a green recovery.

We will post updates on the petition page, and present the results to government when the time is right.

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