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  1. So lovely to see the Restart Party getting a bit more recognition! The iPad repair was certainly one of the more taxing things I’ve attempted, and yes, the saga will indeed be on @BBCClick in a few weeks time.

    1. Hey LJ, what became evident to me as I watched you dismantling your iPad like child removing the packaging around a Christmas gift, was just how similar the internal build is to the iPhone. However even though I changed my battery and digitiser and other bits, It has created a new problem in that the phones GPS only works intermittently. As a child I can remember when the emphasis was on ‘built to last’ , where we have almost devolved to a ‘built to fail’ culture which I think may come back to bite the respective companies on the derrière, (hopefully).
      In closing, I think the ‘Restart Project’ is an amazing idea that not only teaches skills to wide ranging individuals, but more importantly it ’empowers’ people and that’s always a great end goal.

      One love, take care.
      Michael J (not fox)

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