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Our Midas moment in Brixton

Wow. Just wow. We left Transition Centre in Brixton after three (plus!) hours of repair last night and we had either improved or fixed everything that people brought. Everything!

This was a first for us, and just reinforced how spontaneous and inspiring community events can be. You can sense it in our photo album.

The great repair energy was thanks to our hosts, Transition Town Brixton, but also thanks to the skills and tenacity of Alan from local repair company Commtech as well as Jack and Ben who came from Brockley.

Anne, who brought a broken printer, told us she would have literally gone to the store today to buy another, had we not spent an hour with her Epson. After researching chips, ink pads, and other common problems, it turned out there was a piece of sellotape stuck on one of the rollers!

Aside from making so many people happy with improvements and repairs…

The best part of the evening was meeting the good people of Brixton and repairers, engineers and tinkerers who we hope to see at future events. And some were keen to share their skills – potentially in a more formal setting, like Martin, who lamented the axing of practical classes at local colleges.

We also got an invite to pop-up in a local estate, which we will definitely take up soon.

We plan on being in Brixton on a monthly basis, like we are in north Camden, so look out for us in November. If you live in Brixton or nearby down sarf, don’t forget to sign up for our monthly newsletter, follow us on Twitter @RestartProject and like us on Facebook.

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  1. piso8taller

    I have discovered this web site, and I like too much.
    I like repair all kind of things, and I write my repairs in a blog
    I’m living in London, and I would like to know where is your center to meet the center and share knowledge.

    1. Ten

      @piso8taller: See the events section for more meetings. You might also be interested in:

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