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This is the year the UK decided it had enough of plastic waste, and we finally learned that recycling is not the cure for all ills.

We’ve known for a long while that it’s not enough to recycle or even repair in our communities while the system remains broken. But this is the year we first started organising to pressure for system-level change: gathering together community repair groups at Fixfest UK. Together we wrote The Manchester Declaration calling for more repairable products, starting what we hope to be a multi-year effort here in the UK and in Europe.

If we inspired you to rethink technology, to take action, or to help others, it is time to show your support! We’d love a wave of small donations this year, so here are some amounts to inspire you:

£2 = the number of countries (🇳🇴🇺🇸) Apple asked customs agents to seize refurbished spare parts as “counterfeit”

£4 = four years, estimated average lifespan of a laptop 💻

£8 = 1p x 800 laptops discarded every second globally 🌍


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