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Reasons to fix and to support our community fixing

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Earlier this year, Restarters and participants at a Restart Party in Camden shared why they love our events. (Three UCL Material Cultures masters students facilitated, and talented photographer Heather Agyepong took these photos.)

We’re in the final push of our December fundraising campaign, help us keep these moments going.


“In most cases fixing means helping to me. Helping is important to leap boundaries between family and friends and maybe (like here) to help the community -> to build community”



“What fixing means to me. I like to fix things because often people says ‘it’s not worth repairing’ which means there is not enough profit in it for them. Also, I haven’t got enough money at the moment to replace things that break down, so I want to repair them instead, or even build new ones from scratch.”



“Fixing is intuition, investigation, inspiration!”



“I feel pleased, happy and excited that my D.S. is fixed. I can play on it again!!”



“To fix is to prevent unnecessary waste! To fix is to learn! To fix is to appreciate the value of products!”



“Fixing to me means a new life for old things”



“More self-sufficient, happy to cheat landfill and the manufacturers’ hoped for, built-in obsolescence!!!”



“Repairing my broken item”



“To fix is to found New Materialism”



“Fixing is liberating!”

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  1. ??? … What happens to ‘END of LIFE PARTS & PRODUCTS’ that can not be repaired … ???

  2. janetgunter

    We just posted an answer to this Vincent

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