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Let’s get repair and reuse on the new government’s agenda for Repair Day

Volunteers at Makers Cabinet on Repair Day

With a new government in place, we’re ready to pick up the campaign for a UK right to repair!

Please use this opportunity to welcome your newly elected MP and invite them to celebrate repair with you.

The new government presents an opportunity to achieve a real circular economy for the UK, centring repair and reuse. But with talk of the circular economy largely absent from the election campaign and the Labour manifesto, our challenge is the same: we need to build political support for repair and reuse and get it onto the agenda.

So we’ve gathered signatures from supporting organisations and have written to Sir Keir Starmer, highlighting the policies we’re calling for in the Repair and Reuse Declaration. See our joint letter here.

But our real power is in the growing movement that is championing repair and reuse. We know that MPs care about the repair cafes in their constituencies. We know that MPs and Lords alike have become champions of repair after experiencing the joys of their local repair cafes or refurb businesses.

And our opportunity to win over more MPs and show them the joys and benefits of repair and reuse starts now. With Repair Day only 3 months away, we have a chance to invite our newly elected MPs along to see what we do, why repair is important, and why it needs political support. October also marks 15 years since the first repair cafe, so the timing couldn’t be better.

We’ve designed a printable or online congratulations card for you to send your MP on behalf of your Repair Café or repair business. You can send an online card, or, even better, print one for your repair group and colleagues to all sign, and send it in the post.

We all know that MPs will be bombarded at the moment, so the more creative you can be with your letter or card, the better. Could you make something for them to put on their wall or sit on their desk, which will remind them of you every day?

Find out more about how to get involved in repair day here.

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