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Required: agency “sparring partner”

Used on a CC license, by Flickr user claudiasalasb
Used on a CC license, by Flickr user claudiasalasb
We don’t know if you exist, creative agency sparring partner. But we thought we’d ask.

Why do we need a sparring partner from the world of advertising?

We need to get better at communicating to more people. We’re fairly good at communicating to our “base”, to our natural supporters. And we are really excited to have generated such excitement by simply popping up in communities and using social media. But we think that our outreach can be much greater.

Our mission is to radically improve the way we buy and use electronics, from a social and environmental perspective.

You have probably been in the business of selling electronics and other consumer goods. And we should know, you do it really well!

Thing is, times are changing. Research consistently shows young people are not interested in owning things per se – they are interested in services and experiences, and increasingly in personalising the products they use. Young people are also motivated by a new set of values.

What does this mean for the future of retailers, manufacturers and the agencies who serve them?

We think we are uniquely poised to help answer some of these questions, working with a community of people (young and old) who think differently, who are driven by values, and who embrace change. We are disruptors – we’re not hiding that – but having fun and being constructive are core to our project.

What we need in return for our constructive disruption is some help learning how to work with the same audiences you work with. We have a couple of concrete asks, none too huge to start.

So. Are you out there, agency sparring partner?

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