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#Restart1: A call to screwdrivers! (Save June 16th)

Update: venue confirmed! #Restart1 is taking place Saturday June 16th, from 2pm to 6pm upstairs at the Magdala Pub in Hampstead Heath. Comment this post or get in touch to let us know you’re coming, what you’d like to get fixed and/or what skills you’re happy to share at the event.

Tired of feeling a victim to your tablet? Mobile? Laptop? Is there something you’ve been meaning to fix but didn’t have the courage or didn’t know how? Have you starting raving at your printer? Are you considering dumping an electronic device for a new one – just because it’s easier?

On June 16, at our Restart Party, bring a mobile, computer, tablet or any other electronic item you’d like some help with, and we’ll “pop the bonnet” of your gadget together and see if we can help.

Local repair heroes, tinkerers, future green entrepreneurs, and patient IT types will assemble from 2pm to 6pm on June 16 in North London for our first Restart Party. The venue is the Magdala Pub, 2A South Hill Park  London NW3 2SB – literally a few steps from the Hampstead Heath Overground Station.

It’s time for some improvisational mending!

Everybody is welcome: kids, hipsters, hippies, geeks, grandparents, Tesco shoppers (closet or proud), and none or all-of-the-aboves! It will be a strictly non-judgmental, community space. We’ll provide the tea, coffee and something to snack on, but please feel free to bring food.

We’re inspired by the Fixers Collective in Brooklyn

And the Fixit Clinic in California

Let’s celebrate our collective repair skills and our ability to take control over our lives and our gadgets!

3 responses

  1. a printer

  2. Holly

    Can you help update the operating system on my mac?! and I have a broken iPod 🙂

    1. ugomatic

      @Holly – we should be able to help with updating the operating system. But bring along the disc, if you have it. As for the broken iPod, let’s see what’s wrong with it!
      @ana – great, looking forward to trying it out…we can’t promise miracles, but let’s try to learn together!

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