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Restarted Future: a tour of our new poster

We’re really excited about our new poster, which we developed in collaboration with illustrator Rod Hunt. The poster debuted at Fixfest, our global gathering for community repair, in October.

We know what world (or off-world) we do *not* want to see — WALL-E painted that sad picture.

But we felt we needed to envision the world we would like to see.

Taking the design of a circuit board for inspiration – the operative heart of our gadgets – our “Restarted Future” poster illustrates the life-force of the circular economy.

There are so many possibilities for the move towards a more sustainable relationship with our gadgets: from repair in schools, to 3D printing new spare parts, to the more efficient use of resources in manufacturing. The key in the bottom right-hand corner of the printed poster provides a guide to the society we’ve illustrated.

It is modular, which means its parts can be taken apart and reconfigured, so that the vision remains “upgradeable”.

Currently, there are examples of all of these possibilities in action, but change needs to happen on multiple levels for real system change to emerge.

Big thanks to Rod Hunt for making our vision come to live, and to Ivan Nascimento and Ric Allen for design, and mentoring during the whole process.

If you are an educator or work in a community waste prevention organisation in the UK, we’ll happily send you some copies for free

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