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Right to Repair on ITV Tonight

Photo of e-waste at a recycling centre

ITV Tonight covered the Right to Repair, with footage and interviews from Cambridgeshire Repair Cafes and The Restart Project. This show follows on earlier coverage in the year by ITV Tonight, and we’re thrilled the team has followed up.

The presenter wrote viewing figures were high, no surprise to us, we know everybody loves repair.

If you are visiting our site for the first time, and agree with what we said, we have a small request for you…

ITV viewers, please sign our petition

In July, the UK government implemented the first-ever measures requiring design for repair of washing machines, dishwashers, fridges and TVs. These measures, designed by the European Union with UK support, also require access to spare parts and repair documentation by professionals.

They are a good precedent, but not yet the Right to Repair we urgently need. The government is moving extremely slowly and this is clearly not a priority. Meanwhile, Big Tech and industry are pouring millions into lobbying against the Right to Repair.

Thousands have signed The Restart Project’s petition to “Give Everyone the Real Right to Repair” asking for the Right to Repair to be extended to all, for more products and to lower the cost of VAT for repairs.

Sign the petition

(If you can’t see the button above, find the petition here.)

We need more signatures before we deliver this petition to government soon. Please sign our petition and participate in your local International Repair Day event on Saturday 16th October.

Start your own repair group

You can find help at the newly-launched Community Repair Network, comprised of groups from across the UK. The Network can put you in touch with your nearest group, who can help you get started.

Thanks for watching and please feel free to leave a comment for us below or on social media.

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