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September Workshop: Start your own Restart Party!


You have contacted us from all over the UK and well beyond. Some of you have plenty of repair skills you want to share. Others love the concept and would like to see it happening nearby. We have created a list of initial guidelines to help you run your event, but we know sometimes a friendly get-together can do wonders in supporting a new community activity.

So we’re organising a special one-day event in London on Saturday 14 September to help up to 15 people get started running a Restart Party or community repair event in your town. We’ll have a session on logistics, tools, venues, health & safety – and a Restart Party for you to attend and get stuck in.

If you’d like to get involved, please fill this form as soon as possible – we only have limited availability.

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  1. A Powell

    Is it time you took this page down? Saturday 14th Sept is a couple of years back. I may be interested in a workshop in the future, rather than the past!

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