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Sponsorship from eSpares

Restart and eSpares logos

We’re happy to announce our new sponsorship by eSpares, an online parts store based in Birmingham.

This builds on generous support from eSpares for our Laptop Repair Team during the pandemic this year. With their match-funding, we mobilised a team to repair laptops for children and people in need in London. We granted on a large part of that funding to our amazing partners in that effort.

When we visited eSpares, we saw how hard they work to make sure customers get the right spare part and have the information they need to fix appliances. We met those making videos for their YouTube channel, which is really simple and well presented, and people who answer calls from customers.

Sponsorship: a win-win partnership

We also could sense that eSpares wants to promote repair in the community, as well as pro-repair policies.

Companies like eSpares are essential parts of the UK’s repair economy. The challenges they face directly impact our ability to use products for longer. We’re glad to have their financial support, but also add their perspectives to our policy work.

This is the kind of sponsorship we’re most interested – a win-win, where we are partners in promoting a better relationship with electronics and electrical products.

eSpares’ Chief Executive Officer, Andrew Sharp, tells us he’s as pleased as we are to be officially partnered up

I have a huge amount of respect for The Restart Project and the work they do. Their efforts to make electrical repairs more accessible for all help to protect our environment for future generations.

Our shared goals to facilitate electrical repairs and avoid e-waste mean we’ve worked with The Restart Project in the past, sharing their campaigns with our customers and supporting their laptop drive back in early 2021. Now, I am extremely pleased to be sponsoring The Restart Project in all they do.


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