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The fixing continues

We had great fun at our second event on Thursday at the inspiring KK Outlet store, beautifully curated by Technology Will Save Us. In addition to tinkering, dispensing repair advice and marveling over the Sugru dinosaur, we fixed another HP printer and switched out the fan on this 2006 Macbook – now silent and cool. (May it last another six years!)

We learned about Mztek – a group of women technologist/artists – and discussed the need to bring in more women repairers to our events. If you are a girl geek, and can help people learn more about repair, please contact us.

Then Ugo participated in a diverse panel on “Digital Politics” moderated by Fung Wah Man of Global Stories, alongside Bethany of Technology Will Save Us, researcher Fauzia Musa, designer Alasdair Monk, filmmaker Juan Manuel Biaiñ, and campaigner Marie Campbell of 38 Degrees.

From privacy to the politics of consumption, one thing became clear: it is becoming harder and not easier to be mindful and conscious of all of our choices. To do so, we need community, we need to help each other.

We will soon be announcing the next Restart Party in north London – during the second week of July, so please join us in helping each other to repair and not despair.

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