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We’re looking for trustees

July update: We are now only looking for “general” trustees – especially those with passion for IT management, fundraising and data science. 

We are looking for up to three people to join our Board of Trustees, one with financial management experience to assist the Board with the monitoring all financial aspects of our work.

Candidates under the age of 25 are encouraged to apply.

On a voluntary basis, trustees will help The Restart Project consolidate and grow its work, becoming a sustainable organisation that turns grassroots energy and momentum into system-level change. Trustee impact will be immediately visible, given the small and agile nature of The Restart Project.

This is an opportunity to work with an innovative charity in a very niche area, where your contributions will have visible and real impacts.

Time commitment can vary, but preparation for and attendance to quarterly meetings in London is a minimum requirement.

If you are interested please send us a covering letter (or an intro video) and a CV.

General (for all candidates)

We’re looking for somebody who can help by doing the following

  • Ensure that the charity complies with charity law and our obligations
  • Assist with providing strategic oversight (including digital, business development and fundraising)
  • Contribute specific professional skills and expertise as required (including IT management, marketing, data science)
  • Work closely with the core team
  • Act as an ambassador for The Restart Project


Additionally, for candidates interested in acting as the Board of Trustees’ financial specialist, the role involves being a reference on the following broad areas:

  • The financial administration of The Restart Project, in line with best practice and in compliance with the governing document and legal requirements
  • Budgeting and financial planning
  • Business modelling and development

We are particularly looking for trustees who identify with our vision of a shift of thinking and behaviour at a large scale towards a more sustainable, happier relationship with technology. All Trustees are strongly encouraged to assist The Restart Project in securing a sustainable and diverse funding base, including income from enterprise.

An understanding of the voluntary sector or social enterprise, and previous experience as a charity trustee are both desirable but not essential.


3 responses

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  2. Matt

    Hello, what is the deadline for this?
    Many thanks!

    1. janetgunter

      Hi Matt, we have no hard and fast deadline, we are still considering interesting candidates and we will unpin and update this post when we’re full! Please get in touch.

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