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We’re official!

As of Monday we are an official legal entity! For the past nine months, we were an informal project running on fire-in-the-belly, one small grant, good will and lots of help from our friends.

While we have trouble categorising ourselves – we called ourselves “Project” for a reason, we have a social project which we feel transcends structure – we have decided to become a charity. Specifically a Charitable Incorporated Organisation.

We found this structure best to ensure public accountability and participation in the work we do, as well for raising funds, seed money and finding sponsorships to allow us to scale-up our vision and increase our impact and visibility. Lest you get the wrong idea, we do not want to live off of grants. But some of our ideas for the promotion of repair will require initial funding before they can stand on their feet and generate sufficient revenues.

We’re happy that being a charity will immediately open the door to much-needed office space and to recruiting a volunteer (watch this space!). And we’re thrilled to introduce you to our very capable and inspiring Trustees.

And soon to come: more detail on individual charitable giving to The Restart Project.

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