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We’ve moved!


We moved back in with our friends from 3Space, an excellent charity that provides space for other charities. (Our first office was in Blackfriars with 3Space, in a building which has been bought by Nesta. Enjoy the fourth floor Thames views, Nesta, we did!)

We moved into Makerversity in September 2013, as one of its first members. We have fond memories of rescuing beautiful vintage kit abandoned in the space with co-founder Tom Tobia and his first hire Elodie Lhuer, a recovering aid worker who was only months before shooing goats off of dusty provincial runaways.

In the past three years, we’ve given talks on sustainable product design in Makerversity’s courses for young people and hosted our monthly skillshares in the space.

We collaborated with Paul Sohi (who we made pancakes with on a discard 3D printer bed and interviewed about 3D printing and repair), Stables and Lucraft (who helped us make the listening station still in Somerset House’s Treasury), Cassini Sound (who helped make the intro to our podcast) and Luke Walker (who took these portraits before he moved on).

We bonded with MV staff, social enterprises Khama and Good Gym, innovative charity (wish we could’ve talked more, in retrospect!), Architects for Humanity, Piro Architects, designers Instrument PDRoland Ellis, Soda and designers/musicians Stööki, among others.

Over the past couple of years, we learned a lot about “care work” and sustainability in makerspaces.

Thanks, Makerversity and friends there, let’s not be strangers!

Now we’re off to Bermondsey, where we can count London Fablab-initiated project Green Lab as neighbours.

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