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Lund, Sweden

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Volunteers at a Restart Party fixing devices, cropped on hands


This is a special repair event at the Fixatill in Norra Fäladen,  Lund. Come and fix with Electronicsmix and Repair Cafe Malmö! We have many tools for electronic, electrical and even textile repair.

This event is also part of the REFER project, which aims to  teach about the materials in electronics, why repair is so important, and give everyone a try learning about electronics and repairing (we even have activities for children). We will also have snacks!

Fixa och fika med oss! Vårt mål är att sänka tröskeln för att reparera trasig elektronik och att sprida kunskap för att minska elektronikavfallet


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Fäladstorget 10, Lund, Sweden

About the group

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Repair Cafe Lund

We are a relatively new and small group of volunteer repairers. We often work with Repair Cafe Malmö but are looking to expand our group in Lund and are collaborating with Fixatill to try to host events once a month in Norra Fäladen - look at our events or Fixatill's facebook page for details (

We bring the tools for electronics repair and Fixatill has general repair tools include carpentry and sewing equipment. We are always looking for more volunteers so if you have skills or want to learn, get in touch!

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Restart Party Do’s and Don’ts


  • Check if your device is still within warranty, you may be eligible for a free repair, replacement or a refund. (Which? helps in the UK).
  • Take responsibility for your device and your data. Our volunteers are here to help you learn to fix your gadget, not to provide a free repair service. Get involved!
  • Backup your data. We can’t be responsible for your cat pics, so please back up your device before you come. (Of course you already do this once a month, right?)
  • Charge up your device and bring all leads.
  • Get in touch with organisers if you have any questions about whether a fix is possible.


  • Assume repairs will be successful. We help fix over half of devices at our events. Even if your repair is unsuccessful, you will learn about your device and why it failed.
  • Expect us to have spare parts. But we can help you source them. Often people visit twice: first we’ll help diagnose the fault, then you source the spare part, and on your return we’ll help you do a replacement.
  • Attempt a mobile screen repair just to save money. DIY mobile screen repair is a learning opportunity first and foremost. Please see our advice page first.
  • Bring a microwave.