Hanham Common Fayre: Pop-Up!

Bristol, United Kingdom

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Pop-Up Repair Cafe at Hanham Common Fayre!

Bring your broken household items to Hanham Common Fayre, come and find our stall and a volunteer repairer will help you try and fix it, for free!

Due to not having access to mains electricity we will only be able to attempt to repair items which do not require mains electricity or tool’s which require mains electricity to fix them.

Before we can attempt to repair your item you will be asked to read and agree to our repair agreement. You can read it below…

Cash donations will be accepted to help us cover the cost of consumables.

It’s never too late to sign up as a volunteer so get in touch if you want to get involved! 

Before bringing your item please:

CLEAN IT – If you are bringing clothes or anything fabric, please wash it, and please empty hoovers. We don’t fix dirty things!

FIND THE BITS – Please bring any bits that have fallen off, any “spare parts” or consumables which will help with the repair e.g. a specific glue, matching colour fabric/ etc. We can suggest where you might source them – or just turn up and we’ll do our best together!

If you are bringing something “unusual” to be fixed or have a question about your item, feel free to message us first.

We will not be fixing Bikes (We already have a great local bike shop!), Microwaves (Too dangerous!) or Antiques (As much as we’d love to be, unfortunately, we’re not the Repair Shop on TV)


Repairers at the Hanham Repair Cafe are unpaid volunteers and do not offer a professional repair service.

We can only look at your item if you agree to the following statements:

– I bring items to be repaired at my own risk. I acknowledge that my item may be broken further during repair, that data may be lost and that a repair may not last.

– The volunteers at the Hanham Repair Cafe accept no liability for damage or injury caused by repaired items whilst at the Repair Cafe or once the item leaves the Repair Cafe.

– Repairers may choose not to attempt to repair an item – this could be for safety or any other reason. Sometimes a professional repair service is needed.

– Repairers may take my item apart and not put it back together again. For example if the item is unsafe or broken beyond repair.

– If batteries, leads, plugs, fuses, zips or other replacement parts are needed, I need to provide them.

– I have to stay with the repairer/within the Repair Cafe while my repair is being carried out. (Hopefully you can pick up some new skills!)

– I have to take my item away with me when I leave whether it has been fixed or not.

– If I have bought Children with me I am responsible for them and their safety at all times.

– If I have more than one item, it will be looked at if repairers have time, but I will have to go to the back of the queue if there is one.

– Hanham Repair Cafe may take photos and videos at the Repair Cafe for publicity purposes – if I don’t want photos or videos of me to be used I will let an organiser know.


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Common Rd, Hanham, Bristol BS15, UK

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Hanham Repair Cafe

We are a Volunteer run Repair Cafe helping people fix their household items. We run once a month, alternating the last Saturday morning and last Thursday evening of the month.

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