Hosted by Restarters Kilburn

Join us at a new venue for fixing of electrical and electronic items
Bring along your broken/slow gadget and learn how to fix it with the help of our Restarters. New / experienced repairers also welcome.
Please arrive by 4 pm if you would like help repairing your device or appliance.
Restart Parties are community self-repair events. Attending means that you take responsibility for your own stuff and data, so please remember to back-up everything on your devices!
Saturday, 09 September 2017
14:00 - 17:00

Restarters Kilburn

Please arrive during the first two hours

Please bring devices charged AND their power leads/adapters

Please do not expect us to have spare parts or replacement mobile screens.

This is not a free repair shop, it’s a pop-up community event!

Often people attend twice, once to get advice on what part to buy and a second time to repair