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What do you do with a chair when the leg has come loose? A lamp that no longer works? A toaster that doesn’t toast? A holey jumper? Throw it away? No way! We are hosting afternoons of fixing and skill-sharing.

The Broadwater Farm Repair Café is a community event where local people get together to fix broken things and learn new skills. Repair Cafés aim to help people learn to fix and\or help others to fix, to bring about a shift in consumerism and to throw less away. We skill-share and build community. We try to match people who want to fix something broken with experienced fixers who can help. Don’t leave it in a cupboard or throw it away – fix it. We help you get into the habit of repairing and reusing things, saving you money and helping us all.

If you have skills you can share, please bring along any tools you use (we already have a wide range) and help us help others – let us know on the order form you can help. Swap skills too – you help to fix mine and I’ll help to fix your broken stuff.

Here’s a list of some of what we’ve helped people fix/mend over the last 6 months or so:

Electric Toothbrush, clothes that need some attention, cordless kettle, toaster, leather shirt (torn sleeve), Electric Oil Heater, cloth bag, broken ceramics, laser printer, tabletop cooker, mobile phone, shirt, Espresso machine, Bosch Multi-Tool, Leather bag, DVD player, CD Player, portable TV, DAB Radio, various laptops, kitchen scale, handheld blender, aromatherapy diffuser, Sony Walkman, ear buds, Henry Vacuum cleaner, fan heater, circular saw, torch, computer monitor, Baby’s cot, nightdress, dressing gowns, Solar lights, Lampshade, Cafetiere, Kids bikes, food mixer, Bass guitar, small wooden table, Hair straighteners, Sewing Machine, coffee grinder, garden chairs, Swan Teasmade, Power tool cord sawn through, Amplicomms cordless phone, android and iPhones with problems, hedge trimmer, a tabletop cooker, lampshade, cafetiere. A dress that is too big for me along the waist, table fan, tall fan, backpack whose handle at the top has detached, kettle, kids metal detector, toy crow with broken beak, Moth holes in jumpers, a carriage clock. Pendulum not rotating, Flymo mower, Electric Golf cart, Sony PSP button sticking. More details of past repairs here:

Please join us and share the great feeling we get when we fix something with someone in a way that helps save the planet, save people money and help people to buy repairable in future if they need to buy at all.

Please tell us you’re coming and book a slot as a volunteer, observer, repairer or bringer here:


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Broadwater Farm Community Centre, London N17 6HE

About the group

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Haringey Fixers

We run two community repair events in Tottenham on the first and third weekends of each month (Saturdays @ either 10:30am or 12:30pm for three hours).

We're always looking for people to help out in the whole range of ways that make Repair Cafés\Restart Parties work, from setting up and taking down, making the tea, being a repairer, being a supportive spectator, editing web pages, shadowing whilst you learn, doing repair triage and generally adding to the warm, positive atmosphere we all help contribute to.

So, please book a volunteer, observer or repairer ticket at our free community events and let's get to know each other and swap skills:)

If you use Facebook, please join our Group there:

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Restart Party Do’s and Don’ts


  • Check if your device is still within warranty, you may be eligible for a free repair, replacement or a refund. (Which? helps in the UK).
  • Take responsibility for your device and your data. Our volunteers are here to help you learn to fix your gadget, not to provide a free repair service. Get involved!
  • Backup your data. We can’t be responsible for your cat pics, so please back up your device before you come. (Of course you already do this once a month, right?)
  • Charge up your device and bring all leads.
  • Get in touch with organisers if you have any questions about whether a fix is possible.


  • Assume repairs will be successful. We help fix over half of devices at our events. Even if your repair is unsuccessful, you will learn about your device and why it failed.
  • Expect us to have spare parts. But we can help you source them. Often people visit twice: first we’ll help diagnose the fault, then you source the spare part, and on your return we’ll help you do a replacement.
  • Attempt a mobile screen repair just to save money. DIY mobile screen repair is a learning opportunity first and foremost. Please see our advice page first.
  • Bring a microwave.