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It’s that time again – the first Saturday of every month we hold a Repair Café in the Lordship Hub Community Centre in Tottenham!

Here’s the latest list of things people have asked for help repairing this Saturday:

1.Pure DAB entertainment centre. Radio works but it stopped playing CDs

2.Roku Soundbridge. burnt out diode

3.Dyson hand held. Not working properly

4.Amcor Dehumidifier DESD8 L- shows humidity reading and blows air but dehumidifier doesn’t kick in.

5.Holey M&S jumper. Holey cashmere jumpers! Looking for help with darning

6.Table lamp – switch and/or bulb holder does not work.

7.Devola dehumidifier. 20L compressor. It stops working after a few minutes and displays the error code C1.

8.Philips Lumie Alarm clock. I dropped it on the floor and now it doesn’t work properly. I have tried changing the light bulb but it still wont light up gradually anymore which is the point of the product.

9.Lampshade broken (soldering job I think) and only working intermittently (loose connection?)

10.Holey Jumper

11.Gaggia Classic, model from 2006. I had issues with leaking and I have tried to dismount the boiler to clean it. Due to limescale / leaks, some components are stuck (and a couple of bolts/nuts are stripped); I would really appreciate some help to disassemble it.

12.Some speakers that need repair

13. Breville Lustra 4-slice toaster. The racks in one of the slots have become loose & warped.

If you can mend these or want to learn by ‘shadowing’ a repairer, please book a free ‘volunteer’ or observer’ ticket and come on down 

If you have skills you can share, please bring along any tools you wish and help us help others – just book a free ticket. You can swap skills too if you have broken stuff of your own you would like someone else to help you with whilst you help them with something of theirs.

Here’s what we ask local people:

What do you do with a chair when the leg has come loose? A lamp that no longer works? A toaster that doesn’t toast? A holey jumper? Throw it away? No way! We are hosting afternoons of fixing and skill-sharing where people help one another.

Please book your free session here: (not many slots left!) or email [email protected]

Bring something that needs fixing and let’s fix it – we have experienced fixers who can help. Don’t leave it in a cupboard or throw it away – fix it.

Let us know on the order form what time suits you and what you are bringing.

Here’s a list of many of the things people have carried in for help repairing since we started in April 2022:

Electric Toothbrush, cordless kettle, toaster, Leather Shirt (torn sleeve), Electric Oil Heater, cloth bag, broken ceramics, laser printer, tabletop cooker, mobile phone, shirt, Espresso machine, Bosch Multi-Tool, Leather bag, DVD player, CD Player, portable TV, DAB Radio, iPod, Laptop, Dehumidifier, Baby’s cot, nightdress, dressing gowns, Solar lights, Lampshade, Cafetiere, Kids bikes, food mixer, Bass guitar, small wooden table, Hair straighteners, Sewing Machine, garden chairs, Swan Teasmade, Power tool cord sawn through, Amplicomms cordless phone, A dress that is too big for me along the waist, table fan, tall fan, backpack whose handle at the top has detached, kettle, kids metal detector, toy crow with broken beak, Portable Frister Rossmann Club 4 sewing machine, moth holes in two cashmere jumpers (invisible mend), a carriage clock (pendulum not rotating), Cast iron and glass Victorian garden cloche, bubble machine, Elvis Clock, Kenwood KMC510, holey jeans, linen jumpsuit

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Haringey Fixers

We run 'community repair' events in Haringey on most weekends each month - three hour sessions, all free, run by volunteers.

We're always looking for people to help out in the whole range of ways that make Repair Cafés\Restart Parties work, from setting up and taking down, making the tea, being a repairer, being a supportive spectator, collecting data, editing web pages, shadowing whilst you learn, doing repair triage and generally adding to the warm, positive atmosphere we all help contribute to.

So, please call or email us on [email protected] to become a volunteer, observer or a repairer.

You're very welcome to book something in and get help fixing it so you can see how we operate if that appeals to you.

Let's get to know each other and swap skills for the good of the planet :)


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