Restart Radio

The Restart Project hosts a different kind of gadget show, encouraging people to use their electronics longer in order to prevent waste, save money, and be happier.

Restart Radio airs live every Tuesday at 1:30pm on London’s best indie radio station, Resonance 104.4 FM (also on DAB).

Our theme music is made with lasers, photovoltaic cells, and repurposed computer parts, a collaboration between Opto Noise and Cassini Sound.

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Restart Radio: Camping Gadgets

As summer draws to a close, we think about the role of tech in our experience of the ‘Great Outdoors’. Taking a look at the useful, the useless, and the DIY, we think about how current consumer trends in camping and outdoor gear reflect the complicated nature of our desire to ‘get away from it all’.

Restart Radio: Lovefone’s vision for thriving commercial repair

Today, we talk to Rob Kerr from Lovefone – an independent mobile repair store – about the relationship between manufacturers and repairers.

Restart Podcast Ep. 23: 5th Birthday Special

This month, to celebrate the Restart’s 5th birthday, we’re looking back on some of our favourite moments from past podcast episodes and Restart Parties.

Restart Radio: repairing across generations

Skills don’t become obsolete the same way gadgets do. Today we discuss what different generations have to teach each other about repair.

Restart Radio: Can a circular economy be driven by cities?

With London’s population expected to reach 11 million by 2015 and local recycling rates in decline, we need solutions for increasing amounts of waste.