Restart Radio

This is a unique gadget show, not about buying new stuff. Join our Restart Project hosts as they talk to all sorts of people: expert and amateur repairers, designers, writers, thinkers, activists and makers.

Once a month in our weekly radio slot, we release a documentary – produced by Dave Pickering – where we follow stories in a bit more detail. From a day with a washing-machine repairman to an interview with Arcade inventor and TV presenter Tim Hunkin, there’s something for everyone!

Restart Radio airs live every Tuesday at 1:30pm on London’s best indie radio station, Resonance 104.4 FM (also on DAB).

Our theme music is made with lasers, photovoltaic cells, and repurposed computer parts, a collaboration between Opto Noise and Cassini Sound.

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organisers Afrotech Fest, Afrofuturism

Restart Podcast Ep 30: Afrotech Fest and Afrofuturism

We interview Florence Okoye and Debs Durojaiye, two of the organisers of the Afrotech Fest in London. We talk about the experience and representation of black people in tech and we discuss the meanings of Afrofuturism.

bracelets made of keyboard keys

Restart Radio: Repairing in school and Apple’s “zero waste”

Janet and Ugo talk with Estefania Suquilanda, who is introducing repair into a girls’ school in New York. We then discuss Apple’s recent claims on being zero waste and the recent ‘Right to repair’ movement in California.

Photo of Elinor Ostrom

Restart Radio: Elinor Ostrom and the commons

Janet and Neil interview Derek Wall about his new book on Elinor Ostrom: “Rules for Radicals”. We discuss Ostrom’s view of the “commons” and how people can organise themselves to manage community resources.

A herder talks about his fears about mining

Restart Radio: Rare-earth minerals in Greenland with Lise Autogena and Josh Portway

In this week’s episode, we talk to artists Joshua Portway and Lise Autogena about their documentary ‘Kuannersuit; Kvanefjeld’, about a small town in Greenland that is divided over plans for a large, open-pit mine.

Fixing a radio at a community event

Restart Radio Takeover: Why we repair in the community

We’re trying something new. Our volunteers are a crucial part of our work at Restart, and frequently appear as guests on our show. This week, and once a month from this week onwards, we hand them the reins. It’s a takeover.