Restart Radio

We produce weekly episodes of Restart Radio, with three weekly talk shows a month plus a special documentary podcast featuring special guest interviews. Dave Pickering is our podcast producer. Restart Radio airs live every Tuesday at 1:30pm on London’s best indie radio station, Resonance 104.4 FM (also on DAB).

Our theme music is made with lasers, photovoltaic cells, and repurposed computer parts, a collaboration between Opto Noise and Cassini Sound.

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silhouette of Apple geniuses in front of window

Restart Radio: Behind the Apple Genius Bar

Those who make it behind the Genius Bar are under legal obligation to not disclose information about Apple. Today we investigate the tech giant’s attitude to repair with the help of some anonymous ex-Geniuses and online forum Reddit.

Raspberry Pi 3

Restart Radio: The small but powerful Raspberry Pi

On the 14th of March, International ‘Pi Day’, Ugo is joined by Restart volunteer Ben Skidmore and Eben Upton, creator of the Raspberry Pi: a tiny and affordable computer that can be used to teach programming to children and adults, and gives new life to old hardware.

David Li of Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab

Coming soon: David Li in conversation

Coming soon to Restart Radio: the view from Shenzhen on the future of electronics with David Li, director of Shenzhen Open Innovation Lab.

Pile of discarded hoverboards

Restart Radio: Hoverboards and throw-away toys for ‘big kids’

When we grow up, we buy things for sensible reasons, and don’t lose get bored or lose interest with our ‘toys’… or so the story goes. But recent fads for personal mobility devices would suggest otherwise.