Restart Radio

This is a unique gadget show, not about buying new stuff. Join our Restart Project hosts as they talk to all sorts of people: expert and amateur repairers, designers, writers, thinkers, activists and makers.

Once a month in our weekly radio slot, we release a documentary – produced by Dave Pickering – where we follow stories in a bit more detail. From a day with a washing-machine repairman to an interview with Arcade inventor and TV presenter Tim Hunkin, there’s something for everyone!

Restart Radio airs live every Tuesday at 1:30pm on London’s best indie radio station, Resonance 104.4 FM (also on DAB).

Our theme music is made with lasers, photovoltaic cells, and repurposed computer parts, a collaboration between Opto Noise and Cassini Sound.

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HAM radio station

Restart Podcast Ep 32: Amateur (ham) radio with Alvin Hardy

Ellie and Dave interview Restart volunteer Alvin Hardy, who shares his life-long passion for “ham” radio. We discuss the importance of radio and the value of the community that it helps bring together.

sugru, materials to fix, cable

Restart Radio: Materials we use to hack and fix

In this week’s episode, Isabel Lopez and Dave Lukes talk about the stuff we use to hack and fix, from the usual tapes and glues to more sophisticated techniques and materials.

3D printing in Gaza

Restart Radio: 3D printing medical devices in Gaza

In this week’s episode, Ugo and Isabel interview Tarek Loubani, a Palestinian-Canadian doctor who has created low-cost 3D-printed medical devices to help with the lack of supply in Gaza.

privacy policy, consent on data

Restart Radio: Protecting our personal data in an age of connected devices

In this week’s episode, Janet, Ugo and Dave Lukes discuss our personal data being collected and held elsewhere, focusing on the new EU regulation on data protection, and particularly on its implications for ‘connected devices’.


Restart Radio Takeover: “It’s MY device!”

In this month’s Radio “takeover”, Restart volunteers proclaim “It’s MY Device!”: we talk about our rights to repair and mantain our gadgets, and about exciting fixing stories at recent repair events in London.