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Our podcast is unique in the world of technology for one simple reason – it’s not about buying new stuff. Join us as we talk to the repairers, designers, writers, thinkers, activists and makers who’d rather repair. Restart Radio airs live every second Tuesday of the month at 5pm on London’s best indie radio station, Resonance 104.4 FM (also on DAB). Each month, we produce a documentary with Dave Pickering – where we follow these stories in a bit more detail. From a day with a washing-machine repairer to an interview with Arcade inventor and TV presenter Tim Hunkin, there’s something for everyone!


Restart Radio

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Top 5 Radio Shows - with an old Armstrong Tuner

Top 5 Restart Radio episodes from 2020

If there’s one thing we were able to do in 2020 without too much interruption, it was make podcasts. It was a year of serious topics, made all the more urgent by public health, economic and environmental crisis. In the Top 5 mix: strain on supply chains, reuse of medical equipment, teaching climate change in schools, and the urgent lack of diversity in tech.