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Restart Radio: A community repair revival in Argentina

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Recently we got an invitation to meet from an Instagram account that had caught our attention – the Club de Reparadores in Buenos Aires.

We immediately bonded with Marina, one of the founders visiting London, and invited her to chat on the radio about waste, reuse, and repair in Argentina. We face similar constraints and problems, but the speed at which the Club de Reparadores grew says something special about Buenos Aires, and Marina and friends!

We talked about the Argentinian context – informal waste pickers and recycling cooperatives, Fab Labs – and more general themes like 3D printing, and the role of good design and communication in reviving repair and more green choices.

(N.b. while Marina is positive about the attempts to promote local, grassroots recycling cooperatives, she did tell us that larger companies are playing an increasingly dominant role in managing the city’s waste and resources.)

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