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Restart Radio: selling and buying secondhand electronics

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Our mission at The Restart Project is encourage people to keep things for longer. But we are realistic. Sometimes the best option, to keep a gadget in use for longer, is to find it a new owner. Or instead of buying new, to buy somebody else’s gadget.

You won’t hear much about this anywhere. It’s funny because in the media, there is the constant push to upgrade, buy new, get new features, but very little advice on what to do with the perfectly functioning gadget to be replaced.

And even your local authority is too busy dealing with what it deems “waste” to give much attention to this.

But reuse and resale helps keeps value circulating, prevents gadgets from being shredded prematurely or being sent to landfill.

We talked about how to give away, or buy and sell electronics in this episode, going through each of the categories we see at Restart Parties: computer and home office equipment, electronic gadgets, home entertainment equipment and kitchen and bathroom appliances.


[Feature image “Marantz 2220” by Flickr user Markus Reichmann is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0]

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