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Restart Podcast Ep 10: Getting “closure”, saying goodbye to gadgets

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Why does moving on from a mobile sometimes feel like a break up, or worse, a funeral?

We talk with Restart Party goers and with designer Joe Macleod about the end, or what he calls “closure experiences”. So much is invested in getting us started with gadgets – the marketing, sales and delivery. Then the “on-boarding” of apps, and our “engagement” with online content.

But nearly nothing is invested in helping us deal with the end. Many of us obey that crossed-out-rubbish-bin sticker, we do not throw gadgets and appliances away. We hide them away in our houses.

Then, equally, many of us are quite able to move on. Especially with certain kinds of devices, we throw things away with no regrets. But this carefree discarding also represents a lack of closure.


[Featured image “Answer Your Telephone” Flickr user srietzke is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0]

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