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Restart Podcast Ep 9: “Emotionally durable design”

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In this episode, podcaster Dave Pickering talks to Professor Jonathan Chapman (University of Brighton), a designer who has helped many other designers change the way they conceive of quality and good design.

Chapman’s idea of “emotionally durable design” goes beyond actual physical durability and asks what keeps us attached to things, or alternatively, feel perfectly justified in throwing them away. Designers looking for clues about how to embed “sustainability” into their products need not only focus on technical aspects related to longevity, but they can explore ways to help objects improve with age, or adapt with age.

In this episode, Chapman suggests that things – and more importantly acquiring new things – fills a gaping whole in our primal human psyche. The only danger is, this feeling of satisfaction or relief is only temporary.

Dave complements the Chapman interview with chats to Restart Party goers about what makes certain items more appealing, either to use forever, or even to adopt and give a second life.

[feature image by Bethan Laura Wood used on a Creative Commons license]

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