Restart Podcast Ep 4: Climate change and the “shadow impacts” of our gadgets

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We rarely consider all of the energy, emissions, minerals and water that are wrapped up in the physical objects in our hands and in our houses. Before a smartphone reaches us, most of the greenhouse gas emissions it will ever make have already been made.

Podcaster Dave Pickering finds at Restart Party that people struggle to express the impacts of our gadgets in terms that relate to climate change. Then Dave speaks with Craig Jones, an expert in the area of carbon footprinting – modelling environmental impacts of everything from buildings to smartphones.

We are releasing this episode in advance of the launch of our “Fixometer” project – an ongoing, quantitative exploration of the positive impact we make by simply using the gadgets we have for longer.


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One response to “Restart Podcast Ep 4: Climate change and the “shadow impacts” of our gadgets”

  1. Joimson says:

    as a wise man once said ‘the only way to avoid obsolecence is to use some thing that is obsolete’

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