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Restart Radio: Europe, your toaster and your mobile

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Our work has been affected by Europe from day one. We are very concerned about the potential effects of a Brexit. If you disagree with us, great. Please comment below. If you need more information, great. Go get it!

As we’re not experts, we thought we would look for some help to frame things. And instead of some boring white paper, we thought we would start with great material from our favourite green podcast Sustainababble. We borrow clips from their Europe episode, featuring an interview with Friends of the Earth campaigner Samuel Lowe.

What do nature and peat bogs have to do with your toaster? We explain how, in relation to both, working together makes sense. In real terms, we discuss the role of a common market: the universal mobile charger, the prospects of “eco-design” and the importance of the WEEE Directive in regulating e-waste recycling in Europe.

Now, most proponents of a Brexit would say we should remain part of the common market, like a Norway. And this would imply that everything we’ve mentioned about consumer information, regulation and recycling would have to remain in place here. But are there any guarantees? How long will all of this take, and can tricks be played? What if we do not join a common market?

And if we do become part of a common market, after a Brexit, we’ll have much less influence over the rules and regulations as British activists and consumers.

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