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Restart Radio: Getting hands-on with solar

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Restart podcastWe invited our friend Max, from Demand Energy Equality, to talk about their inspiring solar workshops. In these day-long events, beginners with very little technical background learn about how photovoltaic cells work. They get a refresher in circuits and electricity, then they make a functional personal solar charger out of PV off-cuts.

It’s a way of bringing renewable energy closer to people, raising important questions and promoting energy literacy. How can we be more involved in meeting energy needs locally? How do we use electricity, can we use it more wisely?

Before we chatted with Max, Ugo shared a tip about giving away unused electronics leads and cables. Then Janet talked about an Android mobile we saw at a Restart Party, meant to “include” older customers. We questioned how inclusive Android can be.

And to close, we discussed reports of a material in development called “Mesoglue” that could replace hot soldering, both in repair and manufacture.

For reference, in order of our discussion:

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