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Restart Radio: Beyond petitions and boycotts – influencing companies

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We interviewed our friend Fidi, who helped spark a repair revolution in Hackney in her free time, and during the work day is helping change the way we engage with companies and corporations with her job at ShareAction.

Fidi is one of the founders of the Hackney Fixers, a collective of activists from Sustainable Hackney and her group Friends of the Earth Hackney and Tower Hamlets. They started running Restart Parties a couple of years ago, and have taken them to the next level, by incorporating other kinds of repair.

We interviewed Fidi about what shareholder activism actually is, how to speak the language of investors, and how we are all increasingly investors through our pensions. While few of London’s FTSE 100 companies manufacture electronics, many feed into electronics supply chains (mining and retail).

After defending workers and promoting renewables in the UK among companies registered here, the real challenge will be promoting global change, benefitting people across the world affected by the massive footprint of large companies.


[Feature image “FTSE 100 list” by Flickr user eepaul is licensed under CC BY 2.0]

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