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Introducing the Restart Podcast

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This is the first in a series produced by brilliant podcaster Dave Pickering, based on real fixes, heartbreaks and wisdom shared at our community repair events – called Restart Parties – here in London.

This podcast is for you if you would like to fix your relationship with electronics. Let’s rethink, restart.

We plan to go into real depth about good and bad design, obstacles to repair of electronics, emotional aspects of ownership, environmentally irresponsible business models, and the “end of life” of our gadgets.

You may ask “why audio”?

The podcasting ethic and restarting seem a good fit.

Podcasts are a quite considered medium. While audio is anything but new, yet it has found a new relevance, a new indie incarnation online. In an age of over-stimulation, there is something to savour in sound.

Thanks to Dave for this – and to our Restarters – and we look forward to more. And please send us your feedback!

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