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Restart Radio: Restarting in Leicester

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After literally running together from our Parliamentary Restart Party, we had the pleasure of chatting with Marie Lefebvre and Divya Pujara of the Leicester Fixers. Together they have been hosting Restart Parties in their city for a year now.

Marie is a researcher at Loughborough University, and she focuses on how and why owners of gadgets repair them – or do not. After studying marketing and then design for sustainability, she became more interested in this less-studied area of the circular economy and started her Phd. With a friend, she decided to host a “Festival of Making and Mending” last year, and was convinced that electronics repair should be a part of it.

She sought help from Leicester Hackspace, where she met Divya, an electronics engineer and teacher who had been contemplating hosting a “repair surgery”. Their Restart Parties were born.

Their story is really inspirational.

Links of stuff we discussed:

2 responses

  1. andy

    hi i have just seen your website and like what you are doing and wanted to register, and start, a group where i live, could exchange ideas if you had a newsletter
    i am a recycler of unwanted goods and love to repair them you be surprise how many good hovers get discarded because their filters have not been cleaned and no longer pickup
    dyson hover have a valve, to release air and protect the motor but itwont pick up
    they are left out and end up in land fill

    1. janetgunter

      Hi Andy, You can take a look at our Kit – and get help on our Facebook group – or email us at [email protected]


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