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Restart Radio: Documentary photography of abandoned e-stuff

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We interviewed photographer Greg Jones about his charming photography project called “Still Works” to document the abandoned electronics and electricals in his south London neighbourhood.

Over the course of a couple of years, Greg showed how his neighbours appeared to have carefully placed VCRs, microwaves, monitors, white goods outside their homes. He wonders whether most people wanted others to take them away for reuse. And he photographed notes left by some neighbours indicating just this.

Greg believes that people still believe in the “real value” of e-stuff, in spite of the fact that we are pushed to perceive everything in terms of “relative value”.

He shot this collection using an analog SLR dating from 1978.

Then we discussed a couple of very popular articles in the Guardian about long-lasting appliances and consumption, and Janet’s visit to New York where she met with the Fixers Collective.

[Feature image by Greg Jones]

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  1. Chris Jones

    Two fairly effective ways of giving things away: freecycle, and also if you get a stall at a car boot sale and offer it there, for free. Still there is not much chance of a CRT TV being wanted.

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