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Restart Podcast Ep 2: Interview with a product designer

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Our second episode, again produced by podcaster Dave Pickering, features a number of frustrating gadgets including an inkjet printer given as a wedding present.

Product designer Barry Waddilove helps explain to Dave why these gadgets frustrate: what goes into their production, how many different pressures and forces determine design decisions, and how new thinking in design could truly transform our relationship with electronics. Barry is adamant that a waste-nothing “circular economy” can be one where careful resource use (and re-use) will lead to future economic growth.

Barry is a Schmidt-MacArthur Fellow for the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and a researcher at Cranfield University. He has designed and developed many consumer electronic products you might find around the home. This is an inside take on gadget design. Follow Barry on Twitter, listen in and comment!

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