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Restart Radio: Adele and Autechre Special… music, media and audio equipment

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In this show we talked about Adele’s flip phone, and why it caused such an uproar. “Retro” electronics seem to be all the rage, but why? And what of these “new” retro-styled DAB radios, are they really winning us over?

Music and sound seem to be one area where we continue to have an emotional bond to the electronics we listen with, but also the physical media itself, even in a digital age. We talked about the enduring appeal of not just vinyl, but CDs and radios – many of which continue to be designed by UK brands – and how Bluetooth can breathe new life into stereo components older than we are.

We ended our show talking about the enduring appeal of electronic music, sharing our experience at a recent Autechre show and our admiration for musician David Vorhaus AKA White Noise. We concluded that musicians are often natural Restarters.

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