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Restart Radio: Behind the Apple Genius Bar

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Those who make it behind the Genius Bar are under legal obligation to not disclose information about Apple. Joined by Restarter David Méry, we investigate the tech giant’s attitude to post-sales service with the help of some anonymous ex-Geniuses and online forum Reddit.

The Genius Bar has evolved over time, transforming from an actual bar to the newly devised ‘grove’, which is to feature live trees. The name ‘Genius’, however, has stuck around. We challenge the binary that this creates between those who do repair, and those who cannot.

In relation to phones, Apple has always had a culture that appears to discourage DIY repair, and frequently third-party repair.

So how does Apple manage to sustain such satisfaction with its service? With the help of Reddit forums, we discuss the idea of ‘magic moments’ at Genius Bars. And with recruitment emphasizing social skills over expertise, it seems that the role of ‘Genius’ to provide more of a customer-company interface than an on-the-spot repair service.

As an Apple customer, it is important to do your research and know your rights. A little more transparency around Apple’s repair culture will help people get the most out of their purchased items.

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[Feature image “Guarding the Apple store” by Flickr user vpickering is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0]

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