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Restart Radio: carbon emissions, robotic recycling and older PCs

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We talked this week about a company that is often on the tip of our tongues, like it or not. For variety’s sake (or perhaps with Mr. Robot as inspiration), we’ve decided to call this company “Peach”. Peach sits on a mountain of off-shore cash, makes compelling but expensive products, and hosts these very produced “events” for media, investors and consumers a couple of times a year.

In the latest Peach Event, the company made numerous claims about its environmental credentials, including a questionable claim that it is “carbon neutral” in China, and then unveiled an R&D project – a recycling robot.

As ever, we have our valid critiques. And to close, we discussed a very pointed critique of Peach elitism, following disparaging remarks it made about its more affordable competition. (Apologies for our botched attempt to playback these remarks, you can find video of them below, at 45:51.)

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