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Restart Radio: Firefox OS for phones is over and the Bolivian WALL-E

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Apologies for the slightly incomplete audio file, brilliantly “fixed” by Dave Pickering.

This was our last show for 2015 on Resonance 104.4 FM. We had Restarter Ten and our podcaster Dave in the studio, sharing some of their thoughts on the most exciting repairs they witnessed during the year: a team effort to repair a TV capacitor topped the bill for Ten, while Dave shared his memory of the proud and passionate owner of an old radio. We took the opportunity to celebrate Resonance’s debut on DAB in London, significantly increasing the station’s reach in the London region.

We then discussed three news stories from the last week: the implications of the  unfortunate end of Mozilla’s effort to create an alternative operating system for smartphones; extended warranties for gadgets, and whether they’re worth it; and finally, an uplifting story to end the year: a wonderful replica of our favourite robot, WALL-E, created by 17-year old Bolivian self-taught inventor Esteban Quispe.

For background reading (and watching), in order of our discussion:

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We loved producing Restart Radio in 2015 and we look forward to many more shows in the new year. If you like our critical take on the tech news, please consider supporting our yearly fundraiser – we are still just over 30% of our fundraising goal.

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